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Max Bottino 1:(X) VOLUME II / orizzonti di comparazione

Spaziotemporaneo April 27> May 21, 2016 Opening: Wednesday, April 27 at 18:30 Via solferino 56 /20121 MILANO tel. 02 6598056 / / The personal exhibition by Max Bottino 1:(X) VOLUME II / orizzonti di comparazione opens at Milan’s Spaziotemporaneo on April 27 2016. The exhibition centres on the relationship between memory and the way it is bound up, […]

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Sara Badr Schmidt talks to Chiara Gatti

finissage Borderless/Milano March 18, 2016 at 6pm Born in Stockholm to a Swedish mother and Lebanese father, she ended up in France to escape the conflict in Lebanon, Sara Badr Schmidt has reflected on the coexistence between cultures and religions, the unresolved issue of territorial belonging, the identity politics and social connotations of geographical locations, on the real-life possibility, or […]

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THE WILD BOAR by Candance Chong Mui-ngam

[Mostra slideshow] Outis – National Centre for Contemporary Drama and the Piccolo Teatro in Milan Piccolo Teatro Grassi (Via Rovello 2, Milan) September 17, 2015 WILD BOAR by Candace Chong Mui-ngam translation by Alice Spisa directed by Maria Cristina Madau with Sara Bellodi, Giovanni Calo, Roberta Lidia De Stefano, Giuseppe Palasciano, Matteo Vitanza assistant director Antonio Porretti showcased as part […]

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BEYOND THE SUPPER A LAST SCENE 16>30 September, 2015

A Last Supper Directed by Maria Cristina Madau Music by Christophe Eveillard-Dalban Costumes by GioMiles Video production and post-production Domenico Palma Performers Armando Benetti Max Bottino Marinella Crespi Enzo Di Paola Rufin Doh Zeyenouin Livio Ghisio Gianluca Mischiatti Alfie Nze Marco Panno Antonio Porrett   BEYOND THE SUPPER A LAST SCENE 16>30 September, 2015 GALLERY OF THE INSTITUT FRANÇAIS IN […]

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The exhibition of Italo-French artist Jean-Marie Barotte is promoted by Fondazione Stelline in collaboration with T.Art Cultural Association and sponsored by the Institut Français de Milan. Catalogue published by Silvana Editoriale. Curated by Chiara Gatti this rich personal retrospective presents about a hundred artworks ranging from historical pieces to recent works. It delves into the reflections of an author who […]

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ISADORA DOSSIER   Isadora by Philippe Honoré staged by Maria Cristina Madau with Edith Vernes, Simona Maïcanescu Serge Avedikian music Alexander Balanescu video installation Maria Cristina Madau lights Jean-Luc Chanonat AUTHOR’S NOTE ISADORA DUNCAN … ..What does this name still evoke today? A spectacular accident, a death as horrible as premature: her shawl caught in the axle of a Bugatti, […]

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Linea Notturna Cagliari

Linea Notturna In collaboration with “All This’s Jazz” – Musical Events for the series “All This’s Jazz” Sunday, April 17 from h. 21.30 presents The Latin Jazz of Enrique (Kike) Quintana (Achè) quartet Enrique (Kike) Quintana (AChE), is a world famous Latin – Jazz trumpet player. Born in Havana (Cuba) in 1963, he has long lived in Mexico City where his very intense […]

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Linea Notturna – Paolo Cocco – Cagliari
Paolo Cocco

Linea Notturna……… Better than in your own home…! In collaboration with “All This’s Jazz” – Musical Events for the series “All This’s Jazz” Sunday, March 20, from h. 21,30 presents Paolo Cocco Quartet In Marcus Miller Tribute Paolo’s new project is a tribute to the great American electric bass player Marcus Miller, a trend-setting musician who has become a real benchmark of […]

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Colori dell’Estasi I – Cagliari
I Colori dell'Estasi I - Cagliari

Contemporary art exhibition Exmà, Municipal Center for Art and Culture, Cagliari from February 28 to March 25, 2007 The project was born from the meeting of two artists Maria Cristina Madau – a plasticienne director whose work is centred on the connections between theater, plastic and visual arts – and Jean-Marie Barotte, who after a long experience as an actor […]

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Linea Notturna – Cagliari

Linea Notturna In collaborazione con “All This’s Jazz” – Eventi Musicali per la rassegna “All This’s Jazz” domenica 13 Marzo dalle h. 21,30 presenta Antonello Montalbano fusion 5et In Weather Report Tribute l nuovo progetto di Antonello Montalbano, batterista di grande esperienza e dotato di una tecnica di grande livello, vuole essere un tributo a una grande band, i Weather […]

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